Just some guy who did a lot of economics and tries to help others to avoid it being a total waste of time.

On here, you will be able to find all of my stuff well documented (hopefully) and it will help you target whatever you might be looking for. From my smart talks to my collabs with other youtubers down to my articles and my interview. Great content (or at least I try).

Things I Do

The main thing that I run with passion in an attempt to help people manage their investments, is my YouTube channel. On it, I do stuff like

  • Talk about crypto and projects
  • Give tips on investing
  • Hold a test-portfolio
  • Drink a lot of coffee
  • Set goals
  • Get help from the awesome community

What I wrote

In my work inside the DAO of SwissBorg, I have been given multiple cool tasks, like writing articles. Most of the people that come here from my youtube channel will have seen me "promote" them, here they are, yet again.

What are the best cryptos to invest in, and why?

On this article, I select the investments I found to be most promising at the time of writing (March 29, 2021) and why. The why is pretty much timeless, the tokens however, have grown a lot since I have written this.

Should you use leverage when trading crypto?

This article is slightly more gloomy as I do talk about something that can be devastating. Leverage. Explaining what it is and how I advise to use it, always without giving financial advice.

What are DAOs?

For all those of you who see "DAO" everywhere and don't know what it is, do yourselves a favor and click on the image to read that article ;)

My interview

To find out more about me, in English or French, I was interviewed by this amazing Blog. Do check it out!!!

Contact Me

To anyone who has a question or wishes to make a collaboration or project, please send an email to and I will get back to you ASAP ;)

A CHSB chart for your viewing pleasure (or not)